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Arnon throughout its corporate history has been involved in the various aspects and facets of land development. Real estate is about vision, anticipating where the cities will grow and how those growth needs will be best met. Arnon has been able to understand these patterns and make acquisitions based on this understanding.

Arnon is able to identify, analyze and cost opportunities. Arnon has developed millions of square feet of office space; in excess of 1,000 residential units comprising both rentals and condominiums; and industrial and retail projects as well as a number of mixed use properties, combining retail with office and residential.

“Arnon knows the development process and has the expertise and track record to ensure that a project will succeed.”

Arnon has registered numerous subdivisions and participated in the development of thousands of acres of land in the Ottawa area.

Development Opportunities

The Cleopatra Lands

The Merivale/Jamie Lands

Kanata Corporate Centre

Campbell Steel – Carling Avenue