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ARNON Corporation is one of the most successful property developers and landlords in Canada’s National Capital Region.

“Since the early 1960’s, Arnon has built a reputation founded on stability, integrity, and responsiveness to client needs.”

Arnon has built a reputation founded on stability, integrity, and responsiveness to client needs.


Arnon’s approach to business is the result of years of experience in the property development and management fields. It is also based on careful analysis and planning; an integrated, full-service organization; a staff of flexible, highly trained professionals; and the involvement of principals in every project.

Arnon has achieved an exceptional level of success by making sound, timely business decisions, and by consistently demonstrating to clients and tenants that a relationship with Arnon means more than contact–it means commitment. One true measure of success in property management is client satisfaction. With a broad range of properties, and the ones it manages for clients, in the most cost-effective manner, while providing a consistently high level of tenant services. When tenants feel their business needs a change, Arnon works with them to determine how to best satisfy their requirements, and make available or create space to meet those requirements.

Property Management

Comprehensive property management means full service from financial management to landscape maintenance; from carpet cleaning to building security; Arnon’s unique comprehensive approach to property management serves customers well. As a full-service property management company, Arnon has both the experience and the range of capabilities to provide tenants with complete, efficient, and cost-effective property management services.

“Arnon’s clients and tenants can be confident that their ongoing service needs and special requirements will continue to be met with speed, efficiency, and accountability.”