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Arnon has more than fifty years experience in all facets of property development as an owner, and as a property manager. Our associated company Ron Eastern Construction Ltd. provides us with fully integrated project management services required for each business opportunity.

Property development is a sophisticated, demanding business with no aspect being left to chance. There is no substitute for experience in such related fields as marketing, construction, real estate, and leasing. This combination has led to Arnon’s reputation as one of Canada’s leading property development and management companies.

“We believe it’s not enough to determine that a project can succeed. Arnon knows what is required, and has the expertise to ensure that a project does succeed.”

Arnon’s principals and in house experts use their experience as engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants, IT specialists, and project managers to plan, evaluate, and implement each phase of a project. With custom-designed computer models and analysis programs, and in-depth knowledge of the most current technology and industry issues, Arnon is able to confidently and successfully develop properties to their maximum potential and profit.

Municipal Liaison

It is imperative to have a strong working relationship with the senior administrative staff and members of City Council In order to advance projects through the municipal planning process. Arnon has garnered a reputation of expertise in dealing with various governmental officials based on the needs of the community, the planning process and responsible development.

Arnon’s executives are able to strategize solutions and coordinate a team of the finest planning consultants, traffic engineers, environmental specialists and municipal lawyers in order to achieve development milestones.


Arnon’s marketing group creates custom strategies for each property, which achieves the owner’s long-term goals. We ensure that all marketing and leasing indicatives deliver value by establishing desired metrics in advance, then reviewing the outcome with the owners after each campaign.

Although advertising and technology can play a significant role, Arnon realizes our industry is still driven by personal relationships. Our integrated service departments maximize your return by preparing marketing plans that leverage our deep-rooted personal connections throughout our city and industry.